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alannu.comAlan Nu is a music composer and sound designer for a wide variety of platforms, media and industries. His involvement in audio for the game and edutainment industries spans more than 18 years. He has written music and created sound design for titles and brands such as Batman, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Powerpuff Girls, Reader Rabbit, Oregon Trail, Zoombinis, the entire Cluefinders series (including the original website) - more than 100 titles in all. He has worked on projects for The Learning Company, Sony Music, Mattel and others.

Beyond the game industry, Alan's diverse list of projects range from producing albums for independent artists; to creating sound design and music for websites and art installations; to scoring animated shorts and industrial films. He's worn the hats of sound designer, composer and songwriter, orchestrator and arranger, voice director, mix engineer and Pro Tools editor. Although Alan has performed as keyboardist, bassist and guitarist both on stage (since age 15) and in the studio, he still sees himself as a drummer - having performed as many as 200 shows a year and numerous independent album sessions behind the kit.

His passion for recording and mixing began with analog equipment, initially learning the craft on his own by experimenting with "ping-pong" techniques between 2-track tape decks. He began his trek to digital music by programming drum machines and sequencers for other artists and producers. He entered the game world at a time when entire titles had to fit on floppy disks. Alan became an early adopter of the Pro Tools workstation, gaining his first experience with the platform in 1992, and recording and editing thousands of sessions since. His most recent recording and songwriting credits include his work with experimental progressive rock group, Gravity Tree.

He currently works from his private Pro Tools HD based studio, focusing on album projects, music for games, video and the web.

Please check the Music page for samples of Alan's work. To request a demo reel or for more information, please contact Alan HERE.






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